Danilo Franco x Evolution of Printing

We were delighted when THE Danilo Franco had contacted us to do a silkscreen for one of his projects.

Besides being one of the best fashion designers the Philippines has to offer (and the most humble), he is also an INCREDIBLE fashion illustrator. We love the way he comes up with inspiration for his work as there’s always a story behind it…

Who knew that the banana leaf print we silkscreened for him…

Would be transformed into this brilliant origami-like vest…

patternbanana leaf vest



Prints Charming

A fashion design student approached us to silkscreen her original design onto satin. Et voila!…

Ever wondered how to customize your own fabric? We can help you come up with your own customized designs or simply silkscreen your original designs onto textile …

We’ve had amazing design+silk-screening adventures so far working with world-class designers and brands. Can’t wait to share our experiences… Stay tuned!

It’s All in the Mix!

So we had this idea for the ultimate made-to-order design + silk-screening service… Rather than cutting and sewing two or more patterns together, wouldn’t it be great to come up with prints that incorporate those patterns into one screen? Your final product would be an interesting and unique mix of prints and patterns to create one quirky design…
Collection 2 from head-to-toeQuick-sketching and watercoloring makes “work” fun and is always the initial stage of our evolution of printing…

Then follows the computer rendering…

Stained flowers & honeycombs CR copy

Stained flowers and honeycomb.

So were you able to guess what our subject matter is here? The answer is stated on the caption.

Ballgown skirted dancers in bird's eye view CR

On a a gradient background, a bird’s eye view of ballgown-skirted dancers.

Finally printed on canvas, our friends at Bowery were very eager to experiment with our fabric designs and played around with the concept of leather-trimmed tote bags…

Do these Evolution of Printing original designs tickle your fancy? You may contact us at evolutionofprinting@yahoo.com if you’re interested in ordering these designs on canvas. Or you can even provide the fabric to create that cool dress, wall art or whatever you feel would best maximize these unique prints!

If you would like us to design for you or if have an existing design you’ve been excited to see printed on fabric…

Silk-screened by hand, the old-fashion way…


Excited to be working on our latest print… Coming soon!

The Fresh Prints

Here’s a sneak peek on what we’ve been working on….

Sun Rice Sunset Pipe Dream New Wave

If You WeaveFB

Fine tuning these mixed prints that will pleasantly surprise you.  The prints get even more interesting as they make their way down the dress ….

Collection 2

Exciting developments for a boutique brand x Evolution of Printing in fabric prints and textile design…. We can’t wait to showcase the final products!