Printsperation: Marimekko, Copenhagen, Denmark

We can never contain ourselves whenever we spot a Marimekko print, like this one in Italy…

Citerna, Perugia

So imagine us going bananas when we spotted a Marimekko store in Copenhagen!


Always way too excited to enter one…


This Finnish brand is one of our favorites and we’re sure you know why.


Prints and patterns galore. Our heart skips a beat!



Marimekko, always a winner in our books.


Printsperation: Hotel Fox, Copenhagen, Denmark

Always on the go, searching for inspiration, our journey has taken us to Copenhagen, Denmark’s Hotel Fox. A haven for local artists, the hotel served as their canvas.

Each room had an artist to express their art and style. Not only local Danish artists, but Hotel Fox featured Swiss artist, Benjamin Gudel, an illustrator with  roots from the underground comic world.

Not just limited to painting, the hotel also exhibited photography.

View more of the exciting Hotel Fox in this wonderful segment by geobeats-

We’re very proud to have supported another Green Key-awarded accommodation. Click here Green Key to learn more about this eco-label award-giving organization.